Friday, November 19, 2010

Minority vs. Majority: The Cage Match

What do you get when you combine (A) an optimistic stray cat; (B) a poor white family; and (C) a biracial girl with an eccentric, highly-politicized mother, both of whom are obsessed with Great Afro-Americans in History

Find out in the new memoir I contributed to Issue 12 of Switchback, on the theme of Minority vs. Majority! 

Plus, this interview with the delightful C. Adán Cabrera, a staffer at Switchback (a publication of the MFA Program at the University of San Francisco), gets my mom's official thumbs-up!

In a lot of ways, Faith Adiele inhabits the boundaries. Racially, spiritually, creatively, Faith has created an identity all her own that is a mixture of many different categories. She is, in many respects, also a trailblazer, the most prominent example being her temporary ordination as Thailand’s first black Buddhist nunRead the entire interview....

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  1. Faith, your Switchback piece is fabulous! So wise and sad and funny at the same time. Thanks for sharing :)