Sunday, December 12, 2010

Malaysian Food & Naked Rabbis: A Feast of Words

So December's Feast of Words: A Literary Potluck brought out lots of writer-participants who is turn brought out lots of potluck offerings. (Stay posted for a story in the SF Chronicle.)
Photo credit: Feast of Words
Here I am (below) in lavender, enjoying something either Naughty or Nice, as per this month's theme. I made very sexy pizzettas (if I say so myself) of sassy barbequed chicken, succulent grilled pineapple and sultry smoked gouda. It turns out that the night's literary guest, gay-erotica-king Simon Sheppard (who read an hilarious/erotic, though not particularly foodcentric, Chanukah story) loves pineapple pizza. In return he kindly turned me onto an eyeglass store he claims is San Francisco's best kept secret, but if I tell you, he may have to kill me. And I like food too much to die. 
Photo credit: Feast of Words
Photo credit: Feast of Words
Here's the fabulous Azalina of Azalina’s Malaysian, the night's culinary guest. Given that I lived/ate in Thailand for 2 years and recently took cooking classes in Bali and South India, I was super-excited to reunite with my spice friends! Azalina did not disappoint. In addition to having a rich global background (Indian by way of Malaysia now living in San Francisco), she's cooked/trained at some of the best places (including one of my faves - Raffles in Singapore!). Her 3 dishes manifested this cultural journey beautifully.

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