Monday, December 27, 2010

My Life in Sugar: The Bûche de Noël of Peace


Buche de Noel 2010

A set by meetingfaith

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How your Bûche de Noël can help achieve world peace:

First assemble all your friends (Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur, heavy cream, bittersweet Scharfenburger chocolate, Dutch cocoa) to make a giant Ho-Ho.

Decorate said Ho-Ho with marzipan mushrooms (dotted with cocoa "dirt"), coconut "snow", fresh currants, and boughs of snowy (i.e., sugared) rosemary. Fun!

En route to Christmas Eve dinner, have a meltdown at the prospect that folks might actually consume your masterpiece.

After a few vodkas, walk into the kitchen to find the Arab, African-American, Nordic, Nigerian & Check-Other dinner guests bowing down before your creation in unified, cross-cultural genuflection.

Flushed with the possibility of interfaith tolerance and understanding (or with vodka), consent to the knife.

Be less ambitious at the Nigerian Christmas party the next day. Bake a mantelikakku (Finnish almond cake) and fill with lingonberry preserves.

Place said kakku next to giant, African-village-sized vats of Jollof Rice & Fried Plantain, Egusi Soup & Pounded Yam, Turkey & Salad.

Watch how they get along. Your entire cultural heritage on a table.

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