Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roasted Duck Tacos & $5 Poems: The Bizarre Bazaar

On Sunday my longtime fun-pal Ron Palmer and I hit the Fort Mason Bizarre Bazaar (aka, Ye Olde Indie Crafte Faire)The Food Situation: Given that Ft Mason hosts Off-the-Grid, I was surprised to see a mere 4 food trucks, only 2 of which offered real food! Multiculti highlights: an Asian roast duck taco at Kung Fu Taco and us sharing Hot Chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream Shots at Twirl and DipEbony and Ivory..
Yes, he's a real boy (despite plasticine cheeks & crazy eyes, as he puts it)
The Best Part: Ron, Soft Skull poet-hipster, stopped by a booth run by a striking young woman with a vintage manual typewriter and a sign promising personalized poems in 3 minutes. It so happens that the intrepid entrepreneur poetess was an old fan of mine! Upon Ron's request, she typed me a poem on origami paper, rolled it up, and put it in an apothocary bottle with a charming hand-stamped label.
Later, she appeared behind us in the crowd, handed me another poem ("the real one") and disappeared: Uber-charming! Check her out: silvi alcivar (the poetry store); she also sells art pieces and jewelry on Etsy.

My Crafte Faire Conclusion: (1) Not enough food. (2) Too many ugli-doll knock-offs. (3) San Francisco hipsters are much-better-dressed-than but not-as-nice-as their East Bay counterparts. Did I say that outloud? Am I crazy?

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